Tuesday, 25 April 2017

The Fundamentals to Detox Your Body

Detoxification of the system has been practiced as an effective method to cure the body of various health issues since ancient times. However, before you actually adopt a program to detox your body, it is required to understand the fundamentals of your natural detox system. This will ensure that you never go wrong and only enjoy the benefits of a great programme.

The Body’s Natural Detox System

Our body has a way of regulating what goes into our body and what is thrown out. While the skin acts as the first layer of defense, it is the internal detox system that actually filters the impurities out to ensure that all bodily functions are optimized. This system consists of the liver, lungs, kidney and the colon which work systematically to keep us healthy.

Detox Your Body

The liver: The liver plays an important role in detoxifying the body by filtering the toxins in the food that you consume. The liver only allows nutrients to enter the blood stream and captures toxins like pesticides that may be present in food. These toxins are released through the bile which is eventually eliminated form them system.

The lungs: Lungs purify the air we breathe in. They are lined with thin filaments called cilia which trap impurities and prevent them from entering the blood stream. 

The kidneys: These organs have a regulated system that is engaged every 35 to 45 minutes. Kidneys filter the blood in your body and eliminate of toxins through urine.

The colon: The colon also consists of guard cells along its internal wall. These cells prevent the passage of toxins into our bloodstream. Because if regulated bowel movements, the trapped toxins are released in the form of bowels before they harm the body.

When Should You Detox Your Body?

The accumulation of toxins in the body shows some very apparent signs. The most common symptoms of toxic build up include:

• Sudden increase in weight 
• Bloating of the stomach occasionally
• Irritation in bowel movements
• Prolonged constipation
• Recurring Stomach aches
• Weak immune system susceptible to allergies and common cold or flu
• Inability to sleep comfortably and rest the system

How to Detox Your Body?

There are many recommended dietary programmes that are extremely helpful. These diets are usually recommended on a 7 day basis and can be customized to suit your body and its requirements. There are also many herbal and natural supplements that aid waste elimination and help get rid of toxins eventually.

If you are looking for a thorough cleans, even a hydrotherapy which involves washing the colon completely with warm filtered water may also be tried. However, ensure that this method is carried out only by licensed hydrotherapists. You must also be aware that this practice is allowed only for the large intestine.

Any method that you choose to detox your body must provide essential nutrients that will boost the natural detox system. This ensures that you cleanse your system the healthy way.

Friday, 21 April 2017

Dig Dev Direct - Turning Interactive Data Into Business Solutions

When it comes to the use and effectiveness of email, the numbers are staggering. According to a 2012 HubSpot report there are nearly three times more internet users working with email than there are users of Facebook, the world’s ubiquitous social network.

For a company like Dig-Dev-Direct, specialists in the realm of permission based email marketing, this is great news.

What do those numbers say about email marketing efforts? Email is working. It is a viable marketing resource. It also suggests tremendous growth potential for a firm like Dig-DevDirect which has developed proprietary email marketing tools and techniques to help you reach out to current and potential customers. Founded in 2008 on Florida’s eastern seaboard, Dig-Dev-Direct was originally and largely built on the permission based email marketing movement. Its principals cut their email marketing teeth on some of the largest and most profitable internet marketing firms of the last decade. The company has worked with some of the most well-known Fortune 500 firms, handling email marketing campaigns and digital media services for established brands like Toyota, MasterCard, Walt Disney, and the Air Force.

Building on the experience and success of email marketing, DigDev-Direct has since expanded into various other elements of the overall digital marketing space. Their services include permission based mobile, business to business data, appending services, and search engine optimization and online reputation management services. While email may seem like a relatively simple marketing tool, you pick a service or product you would like to offer at a discount and blast away, the truth is there are a myriad of filters that will prevent your message from reaching a preferred destination, never mind being opened and acted upon.

Dig-Dev-Direct can help dramatically improve delivery and open rates with email creative services that can avoid the keywords and phrases that will most likely cause deliverability issues which may affect the campaign responses, hinder deliverability for future campaigns, and do not render correctly in many email ISPs.

The use of background images in emails will also have an impact on deliverability and open rates. DigDevDirect helps client avoid these issues with their expertise and proprietary techniques that improve and increase the impact of permission based email marketing campaigns. DigDevDirect built its initial success on working with major brands in the permission based email marketing space and continues to offer email marketing as a core service. Combining email marketing with a menu of other digital marketing initiatives can greatly impact a company’s bottom line.

The most fundamental objective for DigDevDirect is to continue to create innovative, scalable, reliable and profitable products and solutions to meet the growing needs of the digital market place. This is done through the use of proprietary technologies and creative, innovative digital strategies that have been tested and proven in the digital space. Dominic Bowkett - Dom Bowkett